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Navigating Probate with Ease: How a Port Orchard Agent Can Be Your Guide to Understanding Probate

Probate, often viewed as a daunting and lengthy process, is simply the administration of a deceased person’s estate. But here’s the good news: with the right guidance from an experienced agent, probate can be much more manageable than you might think. In fact, it can be broken down into just four simple steps. So, if you’re faced with probate, let’s explore how a Port Orchard agent can lend a helping hand.

Understanding the Probate Process

When someone passes away without a well-constructed trust in place, probate typically follows. It’s the legal process where the deceased person’s debts are settled, and their assets are transferred to beneficiaries and heirs. Here’s a concise breakdown of the four key steps involved:

Filing a Petition

The process begins with filing a petition with the probate court to admit the will or appoint an executor (if there’s a will) or an administrator (if there isn’t). A hearing date is set, and local notice is published.

Notice and Inventory

After appointment by the court, the decedent’s personal representative gives notice to all creditors, and an inventory of the estate is made.

Settling Debts

After determining which claims are legitimate, the personal representative pays all expenses, debts, and taxes from the estate. Sometimes, this involves selling estate assets to meet obligations.

Asset Distribution

Assets are disbursed per the decedent’s wishes expressed in the will or, without a will, according to the state’s intestate succession laws.

Why you need a Port Orchard Agent for Probate Situations

Now, that seems fairly straightforward and pretty simple, and often it is. But if you are in fact dealing with probate, most experts advise using an agent well versed in the probate process for two very good reasons: probate sales required specialized knowledge and scams abound.


Probate or trust sales of real estate differ significantly from typical transactions. They require unique disclosures, a specialized listing agreement, and a distinct marketing strategy. Some cases even demand court confirmation. Your agent should be well-versed in probate law, possess knowledge of legal requirements and court protocols, and maintain strong relationships with probate professionals, including attorneys and paralegals.

A seasoned Port Orchard agent can be your greatest asset in navigating probate successfully. Ensure your agent has ample hands-on probate experience, understands the specific probate disclosures, and complies with the Probate Code to manage your sale accurately and legally.


Unfortunately, there are individuals who seek to exploit those dealing with probate, particularly in Port Orchard after the loss of a loved one. Here are a couple of common scams to watch out for:

Inheritance/Estate Tax Scam – Scammers, using trusted names or organizations, approach potential executors, promising substantial inheritances. The catch? Victims are asked to send an inflated tax payment before probate can proceed.

Fraudulent Listings Scam – Scammers research properties of the recently deceased and falsely advertise them for rent. They collect deposits and vanish, leaving probate families to deal with frustrated victims.

If you’re dealing with probate, then, an experienced Port Orchard agent can definitely help you. Knowing what probate involves and being aware of the scams are good first steps, but there’s more to consider. Sometimes working with an experienced agent like Maranda Schooler and listing on the open market may be the best option, but sometimes it may be advantageous to sell to an investor off market.


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